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Basic Training

Our basic obedience program will help your canine companion become more calm and respectable in public.

  • On Leash Application

  • Verbal/Silent Commands

  • Entry/Exit Protocol

  • Light-Medium Distraction Work

  • Home Protocol

  • Potty Training (if applicable)


Advanced Training

For our qualified dogs, this training program takes dog training to the next level and beyond.

  • On/Off Leash Application

  • Verbal/Silent Commands

  • Entry/Exit Protocols

  • Medium-Heavy Distraction

  • Long Range Recall

  • Specialty Training PreScreening

Behavior Modification

Our Behavior Modification Program gets to the heart of the problem and provides effective solutions.

This service works to help your dog combat issues they might face such as anxiety. We can help dogs with issues such as...

  • Anxiety

  • Insecurity

  • Aggression

  • Human/Dog Reactivity

  • Fear


Speciality Training Programs

Our speciality training programs are for all prequalified dogs that demonstrate the potential ability to be specially trained.

Talk to trainers during an evaluation to see if your dog has the potential ability to become a 

  • Special needs (Emotional Service Animal)

  • Working Service Dog

  • Personal Protection Canine companion​

You and your canine must be pre-approved by a G.I.D.D.T Master Trainer.​

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