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Professional Dog Training That Lasts A Lifetime

If you love your dog train your dog



- Our mission is to establish & reinforce a relationship between dog and owner, that is based on MUTUAL trust and respect.


- Get It Done Dog Training tailors each case on an individual basis. Your relationship with your dog is unique why shouldn't your training be?


- We do not waste time. Our techniques cut right to the heart of each case and we GET IT DONE.


- We pledge to always support our clients and to always provide quality training that lasts a lifetime. 


Training Programs

We offer our very best traditional dog training and techniques to all of our clients to ensure that a relationship between the owner and their dogs are based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

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Basic Training

Our basic training program will solidify On-lease commands and adherence, therefore enabling the walk with your dog more enjoyable and safe.

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Advanced Training

Our advanced training program allows for On/Off leash obedience and adherence with long range recall. This type of training allows for a stronger and even more reliable bond to be possible between the owner and their dog.

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Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification program allows our trainers to provide serious solutions for our clients with dogs that suffer from anxiety, insecurty, aggression, human reactivity, and dog reactivity. Like our other programs, Get It Done Dog Training tailors our program through techniques that are custom to the needs our individual clients.

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"Training Built On Mutual Trust and Mutual Respect"

Nicholas Williams, Master Trainer

Contact Information

Office Number: (858) 267-9501 M-F 9am-6pm

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