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"Since we got our family member Maximus (a Rottweiler) we knew we have to get him into a training class, not any kind, a great one. We did our research online, media advertising, vet brochures, but nothing convinced us until one day we saw at the vet office a German shepherd with his handler and watched how great he behaved and listened to his person, then we entered to Dr. D office and mention to her how impressed I was with the dog's training, she told us...that's Nick Williams, he's a professional dog trainer and works amazing with dogs, she gave us his info and as soon as we got home we called him. 
He immediately respond and answered all the questions we had and the next day he came to a free evaluation.
Afterwards we talked about Nick, the company, his training and his care and love for dogs, he carefully explained everything about his training packages and gave us his honest recommendation for our dog. 
We couldn't refuse going with him after our conversation since the moment we felt the confidence that he will brings us back a brand new dog, with a well structured commands, not only for Maximus but for the whole family to train us to ensure that the structure will never be broken. 
By going with Nick and his staff of GIDDT you can not make a bad decision regarding your dog and his ability to be trained."

-Sayda Robles