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Nicholas Williams--San Diego, California

Nicholas' passion for animals began at a young age and when he graduated from high school he attended the University of Tennessee- Knoxville with the intent of becoming a Veterinarian. Nicholas graduated from UT-Knoxville with a degree in Biology, Chemistry minor. 

Nicholas always had a dog in his life, except when he met Joy so after they married they decided it was time to welcome a new dog into their family and they began their search!  It didn't take them long to find Billy and when Nicholas met Billy for the first time, he said "Billy picked me". Billy proved to be a lot of work and with the help of their neighbor, who was a dog trainer as well, they were able to understand Billy more and be his leader.  At the same time, Nicholas was working with and around a lot of rescue dogs/fosters and with a gentle nudge from his wife, he decided to make a big change and go off to training to become a dog trainer himself.  He took his boy Billy with him and when they both came home they were ready to hit the ground running to launch Get It Done Dog Training in San Diego, CA. 

Nicholas finally fulfilled his dreams of working with dogs and loves that he can teach his clients the skills they need to build a strong relationship with their dogs, based on mutual trust and mutual respect.