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"Get It Done Dog Training was the best investment we have ever made in our dog. We enrolled Xena (doberman) into the program because she would go crazy whenever the doorbell would ring and we couldn't walk her without using a gentle leader because she pulled all the time. She was also very insecure and she would bark at kids (and I could see the panic in her eyes if any kid tried to pet her).

After the training, she came back like a perfect little angel. She walked perfectly on and off leash at our sides... no pulling! She also stopped going crazy at the sound of a doorbell and comes over to us when we call her. Her confidence has also increased tremendously and she is much better around kids. GIDDT taught us how to handle certain situations with Xena so that she wouldn't react/bark like she used to, which has helped us tremendously. She can handle a few controlled kid interactions now. I work in a dog-friendly office and I'm proud to bring her in knowing that she won't cause any trouble. I'm always getting compliments on her behavior!

The best thing about GIDDT is that you become part of an amazing community. They're always hosting workshops to help us address any problems and brush up on our training skills. GIDDT truly cares about creating a strong relationship between the owners and their dogs. Thank you GIDDT!"

-Isabel Cordova