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"After my fiance and saw Chad working Bane at the mall we knew we wanted our Huskies to be as well behaved as Bane! Our three Huskies (Father, Daughter, and Son) were hard leash pullers, runners if they were in a new place (and they would take off for miles), and would never last a minute in the crate if we needed to crate them. Whenever I would walk them they would pull my arm so hard my shoulder and elbow started to have bad shooting pains. I love running and love running with them but it was very hard to do so as they also would lung and bark after any other dog on our runs. 
After the initial visit from Nicholas and Chad, having them explain their methodologies and feeling how much they truly LOVED animals, we knew it was the right choice. After they all completed training I can say I never thought we could love our babies more; but having them trained has formed this whole new level of love and bond. They are able to be at my fiance's gym and stay in their "spot" while he works without the worry of them running off. It has allowed for Andre to take them to the field while he teaches speed training and they all stay in down-stay and watch dad work. I am able to now run all of them off-leash or with a hands-free leash without a worry. It is beyond a blessing to be able to run worry free and allow them to run as dogs should be able to; off leash. GIDDT has changed our life with our pups for the better and has allowed for us to form a bond that I never thought possible. We are forever indebted to Nicholas, Joy, Chad, Lauren, and Amanda!!"

-Calli S