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Our basic obedience program will help your canine companion become more calm and respectable in public.

At the end of the training session you and your dog will know the following behaviors and commands:


Basic Leash Behavior


  • No pulling on the leash

  • Walking heel with automatic stop and sit



Command Structure


  • Verbal Commands

    • Sit-Stay

    • Down-Stay

    • Come

    • Spot Command

    • If applicable and desired- potty training for puppies. 


  • Silent Commands

Silent commands allow you to communicate with your dog with simple hand signals 


  • Entry and Exit Protocols

    • Automatic sit when door opens (in/out)

    • Doesn’t cross threshold if owner walks out and leaves door open unless told

    • Jumps in/out of vehicle when given command

    • Remains at a down stay in the vehicle at all times unless otherwise told


  • Light to Medium distraction work

    • The trainer will work with the dog in distracting environments to ensure the command structure is in place even with distractions of people, dogs, noises, etc.





Suggested follow-up training:


  • Five one-on-one sessions

  • Year membership to GIDDT events including: